Nov 102009

Versiune în română

Cişmigiu Park is one of my favourite places in Bucharest. In my college days I used to stroll these paths almost every day, hand in hand with my sweetheart, talking about our plans and the world as we saw it through the eyes of two 20 year olds. Back in those days I used to spend a considerable amount of time in Cişmigiu. After I graduated and started to work, I rarely found the time to go to the park. But since starting this blog I’ve been passing through Cişmigiu a lot, in search for subjects to photograph. I always find something worth photographing there, like the black swan or the patriotic benches that I showed to you on previous posts. Cişmigiu has some nice landmarks or points of attraction which I have yet to photograph so I have plenty of reasons to return to the park. Today’s photo shows one of these landmarks, “The Sissi Spring”. This beautiful statue was created by the sculptor Dimitriu Bârlad (1890-1964) and depicts a mother mourning the death of her daughter, pouring water from a pitcher. The engraving reads “Dedicated to my beloved daughter Sissi Stefanidi”.

  5 Responses to “The Sissi Spring”

  1. no wonder the statue looks a little sober, at first i thought it was bec. it's old, reading your post i;ve come to understand it more.

  2. It is such a lovely, but very poignant, sculpture.

  3. It would just be a pretty fountain without the inscription. Then it becomes very moving.

  4. Lovely fountain with a story, even if a sad story. A thought for the beloved Sissi and her caring father.

  5. I can see why you like visiting this park. There are abundant oppotunities for great photos, such as this fountain.

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