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Versiune în română

This evening I took a stroll downtown to check out this year’s Christmas decoration. I snapped quite a few pictures and this presented me with a problem: I couldn’t decide which photo I like best. For this reason for today Bucharest daily photo will transform in Bucharest daily photos. I might also “bore” you with this theme for the next two or three days (maybe). Today’s photos were taken in and around Cişmigiu Park. The park was full of people curious to check out the decorations. Everybody was snapping pictures so this time I wasn’t the only one carrying a camera. The photo above is Bucharest’s City Hall located right across from Cişmigiu Park.

The entrance to the park:

The Christmas tree:

The gazebo:

The last two photos are showing customs that are not traditional Romanian, but were imported from Western Europe in the last years: the nativity scene and the Christmas market.

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  1. Bucharest appears to put a lot of work into lighting up the season. Very cheerful indeed.

  2. You was right posting all these beautiful pictures, difficult to say which one is the best. The tree and the gazebo are quite good, but the lights and the standards of the first one got my attention. A very nice post.

  3. Not boring at all! Your photos are delightful, I really enjoyed looking at the cheerful light displays.

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  4. Beautiful. They look great!

  5. So how does Christmas fit in with the Eastern Orthodox calendar and traditions?

  6. AB: The Romanian Orthodox Church uses the new calendar, so religiously Christmas is celebrated on the 25th, like the Greek Orthodox Church. The Easter however is celebrated together with the other Orthodox churches, with the Russians etc. Traditions do seem to fit in ok with Christmas. There are some who are decrying the commercialization of Christmas and how its meaning has been forgotten but they are a minority. The church has been gaining a lot of ground since the fall of the communists, even though in my opinion many of their new adepts don't care so much about the spirit as more for following the rules "just in case".

  7. How interesting that Western traditions are now appearing in Romania. I guess cultures have have always assimilated ideas taken from others so it really shouldn't be a surprise…but I WAS surprised.

    The Christmas tree in the third photo is magnificent! WOW!

  8. It looks sooooo pretty! Havea nice time!!:-)

  9. Ati scris foarte frumos despre Christmas decorations

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