Dec 102009

Versiune în română

For today a grim communist style tenement block reflecting in a dull glass building, the kind that nowadays you can see all around the world. Architectural boredom at its best, but part of Bucharest too and this is why I decided to show them.

  4 Responses to “Reflections series # 3”

  1. Interesting photo. I didn't realize it was a reflection at first.

  2. The past reflecting (badly) in soulless present. I take the present anyway…
    Has anybody tried to revamp the old style blocks? I have seen something quite good looking, obviously in relative terms, in Poland. Bright colors, new windows… something like that.

  3. like how you took its reflection…

  4. Yes, boring architecture but it does give a more rounded impression of what Bucharest looks like today. Actually, though, the reflection makes this photo quite interesting!

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