Dec 092009

Versiune în română

I’ve posted pictures from around Unirii Square before (here, here, and here) but I thought I’ll also show you a night shot. In this photo you can also get a glimpse of the nightly rush hour traffic.

  5 Responses to “Union Square at rush hour”

  1. We both posted rush hours today. Unirii Square looks much better at night: probably the same ads not so nice at the light of the day, become more interesting in the dark, with the lights.

  2. Vogon Poet: I would call this synchronized posting 🙂

  3. I really love this night shot! The colors are beautiful, and the images very crisp. Nice!

  4. Great night photo! I get a kick out of some of your comments on my blog! Thanks!

  5. The advertising signs make me think capitalism is alive and well in Bucharest.

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