Jan 252010

Versiune în română

The National Bank of Romania Palace is a massive building that occupies one city block in the Old Town (Historic Quarter), between the streets Lipscani and Doamnei, Smârdan and Eugen Carada. It sits on the site of one of the most famous buildings in Bucharest, Şerban Vodă Inn, which was located here between the years of 1678-1883. The bank building has two wings and today’s photo shows the new wing built during WWII after plans by architect Radu Dudescu assisted by a group of architects (I. Al. Davidescu, N. Creţoiu, Gh. Nichitovici and G. Vidraşcu). The building is in the Neo-Classical style with Corinthian columns on the facade and monumental granite stairs.

  7 Responses to “The new wing of the National Bank”

  1. I see banks in Romania have tons of money to spend on buildings just like banks in Canada.

  2. wow, have to say this is a nice shot! with a tripod? ^-^
    the edifice looks very historic.

  3. That's a FANTASTIC bank building! It must have cost a fortune to build! Bucharest is an architecture student's dream textbook! Great snap again, Andreea!

  4. Stine: The most beautiful buildings in Bucharest are either banks or embassies. I prefer the banks because at least I can photograph them (it's not allowed for embassies).

    arabesque: No, I didn't use a tripod. I have one at home but I'm too lazy to carry it around with me. It's enough that I carry the camera with me daily 🙂

    Leif: Thanks a lot.

  5. This is an excellent night photo, Andreea. And it is truly a gorgeous building. I don't think I've seen any bank buildings like that in Ocala! 🙂

  6. It's magnificent! The light is wonderful too and your photo is just fantastic!

  7. The most interesting non-public buildings built or restored in Europe in the last years are banks or insurence societies, and it's not difficult to see it as a worldwide tendence…

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