Jan 242010

Versiune în română

Yes, I know my title sounds silly but I intended it sarcastically 🙂 The phrase doesn’t belong to me, it is in fact a quote. When our president, Traian Basescu, was the minister of Transportation he was asked by reporters about the measures he took to clean the roads that were blocked by heavy snow. In an attempt to find an excuse and make the reporters back off he replied “winter’s not like summer”. This phrase gained a “life of its own”, being repeated over and over and finding its place in the popular culture. A search for the phrase “iarna nu-i ca vara” on google comes up with 1.880.000 results. I don’t think that anyone needs convincing that “winter is not like summer”, but I thought I’ll illustrate this through today’s photographs which shows one of the two statues located in Carol Park and titled “The Giants”. This one was sculpted by Frederick Storck. I just happen to photograph it both in winter and summer and as you can clearly see from the two photographs “winter’s not like summer” 🙂

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  1. What is it about transportation and silly excuses? Over here in the UK a few years ago when it snowed and the entire train system ground to a halt (we probably had about half a centimetre of snow!), we the long-suffering public were told that the reason the rail authorities were unable to clear the rails was because "it's the wrong kind of snow" (apparently it was too powdery and the machines used to clear snow just kind of skated over it). "The wrong kind of snow" has also taken on a life of its own now!


  2. And Summer is not like Winter! Ooops – messed up his now famous excuse! Nice comparison of the same statute in both seasons, Andreea!

  3. The poor fellow has gone cold; in fact he looks frozen. Summer is not like winter, either, and no one knows that better that Safe Leif Hagen from Eagan, Minneesota!

  4. We could organize Olympic Games for these phrases. Few years ago someone made a book of the most infamous words of our wise politician.
    We keep watching Romanian movies, today we saw Francesca, a very good story.

  5. The statue would agree, I'm sure. I feel like covering him with a wool blanket, Brrrr.

  6. haha, when it's winter he looks kind of covered! more like icy! ^0^
    as oppose to summer, yes, i can see why it's winter's not like summer…^0^

  7. VP: I didn't get to see Francesca, it only ran for three weeks here in Bucharest and it's not out on DVD yet but I plan to see it. I've heard from friends that it's worth seeing it.

  8. Looks even more melancholy in the snow

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