Jun 092010

Versiune în română

I have skipped posting for a few days (again) and I blame Sibiu for that – it turned out to be a great city 🙂 and with all the events going on I had no time for posting. I will try to make up for that in the next few days.

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  1. Surely “a difference in time” between the views and buildings. Interesting as well that the clock in your first picture seems to show two different times as well.

  2. That clock stopped ticking a long time ago, but Adriatica Building (that is the name of the property built in 1936-1937, you had another post dedicated to it in December last) was one of the pieces that turned Bucharest in a fine sample of urban planning and modernist architecture in the interwar period. You won’t see any gryphons here, but this is a fine piece of architecture, together with structures like Horia Creanga’s 1933 ARO Building or Duiliu Marcu’s 1934 Ministry of State Monopolies’ building. The latter has a beautifully done clock (equally not working, as the building is in desperate need of refurbishment).

  3. By the way, you won’t see much Modernist architecture in Sibiu. Have you noticed that Transylvania has stopped in terms of architectural evolution after WW1? You have either buildings set in Gothic or Baroque style, some in Neoclassical style and then a huge gap between the beginning of the 20th century and – say – 1990s when the rush after uninspiring steel and glass panels began everywhere in the country. Communist architecture – with very few exceptions – does not count. But no Modernist architecture, no Art Deco (few exceptions did and some still do exist in Transylvania, but too few, like a nowadays vanished spa pavilion in Bazna) or Art Nouveau.

  4. Bucharestian: I really like the Adriatica building and yes, I’ve posted it before, together with a reflection of the tower in the nearby Novotel hotel. I also have a picture of the clock of the Ministry of State Monopolies which I haven’t posted yet. And yes, you’re right about the architecture in Sibiu but the city looks nice nonetheless.

  5. Glad you liked my once-home 🙂 I miss Sibiu 🙁

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