May 012010

Versiune în română

Today is Theme Day at the City Daily Photo community, a monthly event that happens the first day of every month, when all participating blogs will post a picture that relates to the theme day’s description. Today’s theme is: Statues. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

I had great plans for this theme day. I was to go and photograph some statues that would fit in both with theme day and with the May Day aka International Workers’ Day (which celebrates the legal establishment of the 8-hour working day, something that we today hold as a given but which wasn’t always so). I know a few statues in Bucharest that can be used to express both these ideas. But … I got stuck in the house with a bad cold so instead of what I planned I’m giving you Atlas, sitting among flowers in Cişmigiu Park. The only thing I’m not sure about is if this qualifies as a statue or it’s better defined as a sculpture.

Apr 012010

Versiune în română

Today is Theme Day at the City Daily Photo community, a monthly event that happens the first day of every month, when all participating blogs will post a picture that relates to the theme day’s description. Today’s theme is: Red. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

I’ve spotted this red truck a few days ago while strolling through Cişmigiu Park on a sunny day. I’m guessing it’s being used for the park’s spring cleaning.

Mar 072010

Versiune în română

I’ve talked before about Cişmigiu Park, one of my favorite places in Bucharest. It’s a lovely park where I always find something to photograph. In my previous posts about Cişmigiu – which can be found under the namesake tag – I’ve showed you some of its landmarks. Today I’m adding two more photos to this collection, both of the same statue, called The Black Woman ( “Negresa” in Romanian, bearing no offensive connotation). I’m guessing it is called like that because of its color, because the subject doesn’t really have the features of a black woman. In one of my books on Bucharest I’ve seen it called “The Nymph of the Lake” but I didn’t hear anyone using this name.

Jan 062010

Versiune în română

And finally I present to you the last photos in the snow series, all taken two days ago in my favourite park, Cişmigiu. Looks like the subzero cold wasn’t enough to keep people from coming to the park. Lots of folks were out and about strolling the alleys; it’s true that nobody was sitting on the benches for a chat 🙂 I’ve met quite a few fellows with their cameras and even compared photo equipment with a couple (they had a Nikon while I’m part of the Canon team). As you can see in the above photo, someone was feeding the pigeons just as I entered the park. Here comes the rest:

Taking a stroll

The frozen benches

The gazebo

Statue of Ion Creangă, Romanian writer

The Christmas decorations at the park’s entrance

Dec 112009

Versiune în română

This evening I took a stroll downtown to check out this year’s Christmas decoration. I snapped quite a few pictures and this presented me with a problem: I couldn’t decide which photo I like best. For this reason for today Bucharest daily photo will transform in Bucharest daily photos. I might also “bore” you with this theme for the next two or three days (maybe). Today’s photos were taken in and around Cişmigiu Park. The park was full of people curious to check out the decorations. Everybody was snapping pictures so this time I wasn’t the only one carrying a camera. The photo above is Bucharest’s City Hall located right across from Cişmigiu Park.

The entrance to the park:

The Christmas tree:

The gazebo:

The last two photos are showing customs that are not traditional Romanian, but were imported from Western Europe in the last years: the nativity scene and the Christmas market.

Nov 112009

Versiune în română

Today’s photo shows another beautiful sculpture in Cişmigiu Park, the Monument of the French Soldiers, which honors the French soldiers who died on Romanian soil during the First World War. It seems to be the most popular monument in the park cause every time I pass by I see people taking pictures of it. It depicts a French soldier dying in the arms of a Romanian peasant woman. It was unveiled in October 1922 in the presence of French Marshal Ferdinand Foch. The sculptor Ion Jalea, a war veteran himself, was awarded the “National Order of the Legion of Honour”, the highest decoration in France.

Nov 102009

Versiune în română

Cişmigiu Park is one of my favourite places in Bucharest. In my college days I used to stroll these paths almost every day, hand in hand with my sweetheart, talking about our plans and the world as we saw it through the eyes of two 20 year olds. Back in those days I used to spend a considerable amount of time in Cişmigiu. After I graduated and started to work, I rarely found the time to go to the park. But since starting this blog I’ve been passing through Cişmigiu a lot, in search for subjects to photograph. I always find something worth photographing there, like the black swan or the patriotic benches that I showed to you on previous posts. Cişmigiu has some nice landmarks or points of attraction which I have yet to photograph so I have plenty of reasons to return to the park. Today’s photo shows one of these landmarks, “The Sissi Spring”. This beautiful statue was created by the sculptor Dimitriu Bârlad (1890-1964) and depicts a mother mourning the death of her daughter, pouring water from a pitcher. The engraving reads “Dedicated to my beloved daughter Sissi Stefanidi”.